Saturday, October 22, 2011

Benefit Chinese Auction

The 2nd Annual Charity Auction at the Pumpkin Festival raised $1025 for David Frager. This money will be a great help to him as he fights his battle with cancer. The winner of the baskets, certificates, etc. are:

  1. 31 Gifts: David Janney

  2. Tool Time: Ed Wallo

  3. Brass Pelican: Dave Yeager and Cathy Beck

  4. Boys Fun Basket: David Janney

  5. Mums the Word: Tara Grigas

  6. Lottery/Money Basket: JR Peterson

  7. Red Rock Store: Amy Brady

  8. How Does My Garden Grow: Eileen Drummond

  9. Pampered Chef: Alice Turner

  10. Kids Play Day: Pam

  11. Going to the Dogs: Mark Cressinger

  12. Giant Foods: Brenda Vajda

  13. Avon: Dennis Janney

  14. Cat's Meow: Laurie Zavaskas

  15. Coffee Time: Stacy Moyer

  16. Show Time: Skye Houpt

  17. Repeat After Me: Sally Fritz

  18. Smith's Market: David Janney and Linda Janney

  19. Light Up the Night: Lois Jones

  20. Kitchen Gadgets: Dennis Janney

  21. Hoboken: Lance Hayman

  22. May's: Linda Larson

  23. Car Wash: Sharon Poray

  24. Teddy Bear: Carolyn Diehl

  25. Beer Barn: Jessica Vajso

  26. Picture Time: Carl

  27. Steven Shannon: Colleen Peterson

  28. Italian Night: Til Chapman

  29. Tastefully Simple: Alice Turner

  30. Keep on Scratching: Lori Zavaskas

  31. Christmas in October: Nina Sax

  32. Weis: Dealia Creveling

  33. Smells So Good: MaeAnn Yeager

  34. Bath Time Delight: Marisa F.

  35. Man Cave: Nicole Boice

  36. Summer Time Fun: Cathy Beck

  37. Home for the Holidays: Deb Sullivan

  38. Baker's Delight: Nancy Bogart

  39. Bandit's Roadhouse: Robin

  40. Halloween Fun: Lorraine DeHoff

  41. Fall Scentsation: Nicole Hauck

Thank you all for your support!

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